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Custom Design

Build your home, not someone else\’s

When you are considering building a new home, there is so much choice, it is easy to get lost.

There is a myriad of designs, builders, display homes, materials and styles to choose from, so why is it none of them quite fit.

It’s because you are looking at another persons’ ideas of how they think you should live in your home, you aren’t seeing your own.

At Coastline Homes we think you should be able to incorporate your own ideas and style into your new home. Afterall you are going to be living there

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We can help you realise your dream

We are here to help you make your design ideas a reality, and we might just contribute a few of our own along the way.

We will use our 30 plus years of experience in the industry to guide you through the maze of design features, material selections, and layouts available, to arrive at something uniquely suited to you.

Our collaborative approach ensures that you have ample time, and importantly ample information, to express yourself fully.

How good would it be to hear your friends saying what an amazing home you achieved, knowing you were so integrally involved.

It doesn’t cost any more to design and build your own home

It’s a common misconception that designing and building your own home with a professional private builder is more expensive than building an “off the rack” project home.

Nothing could be more from the truth.

Coastline Homes keep our costs to a minimum, and pass those saving along to you.

We don’t pay sales commissions, we don’t build expensive display homes, and we don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising.

If you are serious about designing and building your own home, we won’t even charge you to design it.

We know we are competitive with the big end of town, oh, and so do they.


The Process

We keep it simple and transparent.

We will ask you to sit with us and go through our design brief which has been formulated over years of doing designs for individuals like you.

It is a series of questions and discussion points, designed to bring out those design elements most important to you.

We will discuss how you want to live in your home, your family dynamics, whether you entertain, and even how you live with your pets.

It is thorough, and will take around an hour.

From there, we will develop a series of design concepts, including floor plans, elevations and even 3d projections of your new home.

You can meet with us as many times as you want, take your time reviewing and tweaking your new home design, or even make wholesale changes, we don’t mind, this is about you and your families new home, not about us.

Along the way we will provide you with a quote to build the home along with a full specification, you will never be left in the dark about what you are getting.


We will provide you with your very own 3D walk through

How would you like to be able to view your entire home, inside and out, with a 3d model that you can interact with and view?

We understand that not everyone can visualise from a 2d drawing what their new home will look like.

For this reason, we can provide you with an interactive 3d model of your home which you can wander through to your hearts content on your smart device.

One more professional touch from Coastline Homes.

Zero cost Zero risk guarantee

For those clients serious about building a new home of their own design, Coastline Homes will provide the design brief meeting, development sketches, 3d projections, elevations, pricing and specifications at NO COST to you.

How can we possibly do so much work for nothing?

Easy, we have a very high success rate when designing for our customers.

We don’t even mind if you take our design and price check us with other builders, we are that confident about our pricing, and the relationship we will build together over time.

Even if you decide to build the home we designed together with another builder, we won’t stand in your way. All we ask is that you pay us for work done to that time, work which the other builder would have had to do anyway.

It’s about being flexible, and giving you as many options as we can.

Custom Design

We can’t be fairer than that.

Keen to find out more? Discover the difference that Coastline Homes can make over a coffee