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A Case Study In Building

We get asked to explain the building process quite a bit.
Usually I have a half hour conversation with the person asking, and as their eyes gradually glaze over I realise that I am trying to impart 30 years of building experience to them in a woefully short time period.
So after some thought, I decided a comprehensive case study would be the way to go.
I was fortunate enough to have two clients at the time who had just started the building process with Coastline Homes, and they were happy for me to use their home as my case study.
So everything you see below, the pictures, and the explanations are exactly how it has happened, warts and all.
If you see the home stopped at a certain point below, then that is where the home currently is in the process, so I encourage you to come back periodically and see how the home is progressing.
Of course I’m happy to answer any questions, happy building.